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Welcome to Dhanada Corporation Ltd.
A Brief History of Dhanada Corporation Ltd.
The Company was incorporated on 14th July 1986 as Vedant Hotels Private Ltd. and was subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company on 12th February 1990. The Company established a Five Star Hotel at Aurangabad in 1995. The name of the Company changed to Dhanada Corporation Ltd. w.e.f. 5th October 2011. The Company also operates in Engineering and Education fields through its subsidiaries and also engaged in Treasury Operations.

Market Capitalisation Of Dhanada Corporation Ltd.* (Rs. in Crores)

Our Mission
Create financial wealth for our shareholders. Act with integrity, competence and dignity. Practise and encourage others to practise in a professional and ethical manner. Use reasonable care and exercise independent professioanl judgement.

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